Sunday, 7 July 2013

Great Britain - Great British

I think I have shown many photos of things I love about my adopted country. I have 1 more year to go and I will have lived here as long as I lived in America where I was born.

There are so many things about living here that I love... even writing this post has been difficult to know what not to include. For instance I could go on about the long and interesting past -
evidence of which you can see almost round every corner.

From nearly every period you might like to choose.

But I think above all, I love the people.
 Not as forward, on the most part, as Americans or Aussies, but something deep that digs in and holds on. Who stand together when someone takes against them and go on to overcome.
This notice is in a Museum in Guernsey.
The Channel Islands was the only area of Britain occupied by the Germans,
but the people stayed strong - even if they could only fight back with a furtive Victory mark on the wall.

Also, as I have been thinking about this prompt, I think this British character can be seen in small ways through events like today...

After hosting Wimbledon year after year for the last 77 years, seeing winners from other countries win and, while cheering them and even loving them, remained full of hope that one of their own would come through. And now we are full of pride for a young Scottish man who has done that.

But along history and character of the country in those ways, I think you have to include a Lady nearing her 90's, still willingly committed to serve this country, holding to her promise of 60 years ago. Not many others hold their promises even half that long!

So, yes, I think for me, this country's greatest attraction is the people.