Thursday, 2 May 2013

From Tasmania

May and studio images, unfortunately at this time I'm without a studio, reason being we have moved house recently, so here is my studio from our other piece of paradise, on Bruny Island Tasmania. I do have to say I miss it very much, it was my little haven where I could spend hours, drawing, or looking at things which inspired me, or just gazing out of the window, at the birds, the garden, or the sea. Lots of good things came out of this much loved space.

This beautiful space was built by my husband.

Me in my studio, doing a pencil drawing of eggs in leaf litter.

My, sort of tidy, studio 

Pieces which always inspire you know I love collections in boxes.
The shell painting is one of a series of post cards that I attempted, the blue piece on top of the box, is a solar print, which I did at a work shop.

Old tin cans hold my paint brushes, next to a very inspiring book by Andrew Wyeth...'The Helga Pictures.'

A collection of old tea bags, which are great for printing on, though I think they look quite beautiful like this.
Two finished, slip cast pieces, of my pillow and egg series.