Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Distortion of Memory - Sandy

This thing about how memory distorts works in a bit of a funny way. I had two major moves in my life...besides coming to England 22 years ago when I married, at the age of 11 we moved from near our extended family in Ohio to Maine and started a new and very different life. The first move meant that I find it difficult to work out how old I was when various memories happened. The second move means I rarely, if ever, meet anyone who knew me before I was married. In both cases, the memories are sort of put into separate somewhat neglected rooms. Things come to mind, but there is no one to mull them over with. So, when I saw the theme, I had a hard time thinking how I could get my head into that!

However, just this week my husband gave me a book which he had ordered about the background of the people of my maiden name. We found evidence at one time, that some of my ancesters have come from England. Alot of the info in the book is generic, but there are interesting features such as when people with that surname emigrated to America and from which counties here and where the majority settled, etc.

So, this got me thinking of my grandmother's house. I have quite a few memories of being with my father's large family at holidays and in the summers. Actually, it might be fun to explore more of the memories sometime. Also, I still would like to try to use these prompts to work on 3D ideas which could be memory prompts for future work.

So, the memory I settled on is about Thanksgiving when all of the children of the families ate in my Grandma's kitchen while the adults were eating in the dining room. When it got to the dessert/pudding, we had pumpkin pie (of course!). But I guess we thought this particular pie tasted funny, so, our cousin convinced us to put pepper on it to make it taste better. So, we got in trouble because we ruined the pie. Years later, I mentioned this to my cousin when I caught up with him again by email. He swears he had nothing to do with it, and that we had put salt on the pie instead of pepper!

And here is a bit of foam painted to be a Pumpkin with Pepper Pie. I will put it in my treasure box.