Friday, 14 August 2009

Distortion of Memory - Magsramsay

As it was our wedding anniversary yesterday (4 years), that is the focus of my memories at the moment. The wedding was all a bit of a haze as I'd only got out of hospital 3 days before the ceremony due to a severe Steptococcal infection - I was very happy to be free but rather dozy.

Before we flew out to Bilbao for our honeymoon , we stayed overnight in a hotel in Central London, right next to the British Museum ( where we'd had our first date) We go to the BM fairly often and we still comment on how odd it felt to just walk round the corner instead of getting there by public transport, how it changes your perspective. The exhibitions at the time were to do with Africa and there were sculptures made of weapons - a chair made out of machine guns and a tree from pistols and grenade launchers and also a woven baobob tree (above) . I've applied the photoshop filter 'cutout' - I use this filter a lot to simplify images although it does deaden colours a bit. Also at the British Museum on a different occasion was this highly reflective sculpture -'Rock Number 59' (blogged about it here) All of colours and patterns are reflections in the stainless steel surface and no manipulations in Photoshop were involved!