Tuesday, 11 August 2009

#2 Distortion of Memory

When I first saw the topic of this inspiration I felt very down hearted. I don't do memories very well; not that I don't have good memories, I have, but I prefer to think of today rather than to think of yesterday. Yesterday is over and done with, good or bad, today is here for living now.
Of course that actually made this so much of a challenge, I had to do it! Seeing it was posted on the first of August, I decided to choose an August related memory and the obvious choice to me was to play with the date of the first of the 2 most life changing memories I have. The colours relate to the month of August, harvest greens and the pink has a double meaning here, first and foremost it relates to the fact that I am probably looking back on this particular date with very rose tinted glasses!
Choosing a date gave me a chance to become better acquainted with my image manipulation program. I haven't previously had reason to play with the lettering side of it, so I started clicking and reading and clicking some more and then after a little while (read: almost all of that day) I also clicked on a few filters (something I don't usually use either) and at bedtime I decided enough was enough so did a quick design using what I had learnt during the day and this was the result

Having played around with the numbers in the IM program the natural follow-up was to see what possibilities my digitizing program had to offer in the lettering department. Again a side to a program I haven't had reason to use so have left alone after an initial clicking around and deleting the outcome.
This of course proved more of a challenge as it isn't enough to get a design on the screen, it has also got to be stitch-able and that has taken me a little while to get the hang of, because that side of the program is very default controlled until you get right down into the deep layers of the dialog boxes. This is what I eventually has ended up with, and I am so pleased with it, that I have in between stitch-outs digitized something similar (learning from my mistakes, of course ;-D) for a birthday card. Now I've learned it, I might as well use it, and it's got heaps of potential.

Thank you, Helen Suzanne, for another very good idea!
It is very interesting to see what has been posted so far. I love the diversity this blog creates. I am sorry not to have posted comments to the 2 other memory posts; I've found them both thought provoking; but at the moment I can't post comments on this blog and a few others with embedded comment boxes. I'm working on finding a way around this without compromising my security settings.