Sunday, 23 June 2013

St Matthias church, Budapest

I spent the first week of June on a cruise on the Danube  We went downstream from Budapest and so managed to miss the terrible floods in Austria and Germany.  We had two days in Budapest and as always I was looking for photos that would inspire my work.  The St Matthias church (the cathedral), like a number of buildings in Buda, was destroyed and rebuilt as a result of the Second World War and subsequent conflicts but the wall decorations have been restored and there were some wonderful patterns.

This is a detail of a painted wall and here is the wall as a whole.

The pillars are also painted with wonderful patterns.

I am quite proud of managing to take these photos with my Canon G11 when the church was packed with tourists and you could not use flash.  Answer: just bump up the ISO, take a deep breath and ideally find something to lean against!

The roof of the church has tiles with interesting patterns, too.

I'm sorry about the bottom of this last one but Elements would not let me crop it and then save it for the web!