Friday, 24 May 2013

My sewing room

Two years ago I decided to re-arrange my sewing room. It occupies the second floor sun room on the south side of our 100 plus year old house. Previously I had shades drawn and my fabric on commercial shelves backing up to those shades. It was rather dark. I also thought new windows would add more climate control and make it more pleasant in the hot/cold weather we have here. If you don't have central heat, 40 degrees outside can be pretty cold inside.
So I moved all those shelves and selected a Martha Stewart blue for the walls. I looked at all the other blues--my favorite color and chose this one. Then began the work of replacing all those shelves and their contents. As you can see, much of my fabric is kept in orphanage size Tide boxes which protects them from the sun and seems to discourage cockroaches. Fabric is sorted by color and some by types. I have lots of books and magazines stored here and in my bedroom but I have been slowly weeding through them.
But the best part is my view of the crepe myrtles outside my window, the pigeon nest and the fledgings and a view of my world. The photos of my work area are on my smugmug site and include the during and after images.!i=1773575694&k=JmX9h

Sylvia in already steamy Beaumont Texas