Friday, 26 April 2013


 The Cathedral at Nantes.  Built originally in April 1434 - the façade took nearly 50 years to build.  On December 25 1891, 457 years after the first stone was laid it was inaugurated by the then Bishop of Nantes, Jules Francois Lecoq, having been entirely completed.
 The Cathedral was damaged many times in the past. During the French Revolution, when the castle's arsenal exploded on May 25th 1800 , when the city was bombed on June 15th, 1944 and more recently on January 28th 1972 when a gigantic fire nearly destroyed the whole building.  Built in the Flamboyant Gothic style what stands out  from the whole building is the harmonious balance
 of its proportions, enhanced by the dazzling whiteness of the stone and the magic sight of the stained glass windows of the choir, particularly in the morning sunlight.  The original stained glass windows have all been destroyed and have been replaced with modern leaded glass panels.

I am away at the moment.  We have been to the Stitchcraft show in Nantes where there is an
Exhibition of replica 'Dear Jane' quilts.  The original was due to be there but unfortunately due to the incapacity of Brenda Papadakis who was unable to travel the Quilt had to remain in the Bennington Museum.  It was a breathtaking  sight to see over 100 of the replicas hanging together.  It  was a fabulous show and well worth a visit.  It is held annually.