Saturday, 2 March 2013


Something totally different, I just love boxes and enjoy making environments within them, things with a museum feel, a connection of items placed within. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in putting them together.

This box or old draw was found in a junk shop, eaten  in places by wood worm, but it fullfilled all I desired in a box, many compartments, held within these compartments were many turned wooden knobs, so old, and very beautiful that they gave me an idea, why not collect more from the local market....within weeks I had enough, then I thought of  things connected with knobs, like doors, locks, keys, and so the box soon became filled, and a satisfying display evolved.  It is now on the kitchen mantel piece, and it brings great satisfaction to me....I feel the idea worked.

This little box was a gift from a friend who knows about my love of boxes.
Here began another installment, an idea prompted by a post card from an exhibition of paintings.
Then to my joy I found a brass hand at the local market and an idea began, sort of connected, I think the dress on the duck/lady started it, I thought of religion, history of costume, roses, keeping pressed flowers, the idea grew, then a beautiful crucifix given to me by mother.  The box was now complete.
Why I like boxes I don't really know, a scene, a
 museum piece, things rescued and given another life.

Another little box, put together from found and made objects.  I made little fold out books, the egg, the nest, made of marran grass roots, and two special stones, one a heart, and one a kiss.  the skull is a seagulls, found on a local beach.
Much love and joy of making has gone into these boxes, I hope you enjoy looking at them.
Look forward to other peoples work....Sandra from Tasmania.