Friday, 1 March 2013


I had a hard time thinking of something for this. It seems everything I do is textile related. It is just who I am!
I was going to do a joke and say now and then I do housework - which is totally different! But then I was looking for a photo for something else and saw these.
I do the Harvest Table display each year at our church.

usually 2 tables
I baked alot of the fancy bread for this one.

another year
I love the way you can put the different colours next to each other and they all sing together!

and I help with the display for the Candlelight Carol Service

I make posters for events as well. I can't seem to find the photo of one for Pancake night. It was 3D. and there was a poster with a big plaster/bandaid across one of the African countries we were raising money for.