Monday, 16 July 2012

ADMIN: The Big Question

We have a few faithful people who participate in this project by posting their inspirational ideas to the blog regularly. I really enjoy seeing what inspires them. In fact, I am VERY grateful that they do post! It keeps this blog interesting.

We have some faithful viewers who have a look when anything new has been posted. Thank you so very much!
and others who come upon the site somehow through Google.

But the Big Question is... should we continue?

a bit of background.
Helen Suzanne started the blog on the 27th July 2009. It was a combination of 2 former blogs she was running and it got too much for her. In December of that year, she asked if anyone wanted to take over. I had a few ideas for prompts, so I said I would. So, I have been setting prompts 2 times a month from the beginning of 2010.

In order to bring a bit more life into the blog, I put out messages on some of the various creative internet groups I belong to. This brought new members, some who continue to post even now. Also, about 2 times a year, I open it to new members. This usually brings a big influx of new members. However, each time it eventually dwindles back down to a handful and we go through it again. I might add, that at that point, I also ask current members who no longer post whether they want to continue.

We currently have 54 members signed up. This fact should give you an idea of how dynamic the blog could be if everyone participated.

Now I am asking everyone for input.

1. Should I initiate this cycle again? I am willing to keep posting prompts. But perhaps they are too hard or perhaps I am totally unconnected to what you would prefer to do. I do realise some have extenuating circumstances, but I would guess it's not everyone!

2. Would someone else like to take on the project or does someone have an idea of how to keep people interested in continued involvement? I know a few of you manage to post similar photos daily or weekly on your own blog. Maybe it would help to have some posts about how to develop and continue that sort of habit?

3. Do you think it is time to stop all together? If so, I am thinking of leaving a final post saying that it has come full circle, but leaving the blog open to view so it can still be accessed for inspiration.

I know there is a widget now for polls, but I think I would rather have comments please, as I want to hear what you think. I am going to post this message to the members emails because I am pretty sure some have totally forgotten they signed up. If you would prefer to reply to me privately, you can do that. I will post a summary of the responses.

As I said, I am willing to continue. But then again, I do have other things to do if you would prefer to bring this project to an end.

Looking forward to your input.
Sandy Snowden
Ideas of Inspiration Administrator