Wednesday, 16 May 2012

May = weddings

For some reason May has become wedding anniversary month in our family.

My son's anniversary is May 18 (coming up on 4 years).  My sister's is May 19 (coming up on 11) and ours is May 23 (coming up on 42!).

The two oldest weddings were pre-digital, but here are my son and his wife opening gifts, with a lot of help from our new granddaughter (now 13, and a lot more grown-up than in this photo).

When you have two sons you don't expect to be in charge of any weddings, and you know the rules for mother of the groom: wear beige and shut up.  But they chose to get married in our living room and I got to be the mom-in-charge since my daughter-in-law's mom had died a few years earlier.

This year we won't have celebrations on the actual day.  My son and his wife are vacationing in Italy and my husband is off to California for the Sacramento Jazz Festival the morning of our anniversary.  But we'll catch up later.