Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Opposites: Big/Little

As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, we are also going to have prompts about Opposites. The Opposites will come at the beginning of the month and the prompts about what the month means to you will come in the middle of the month - to give you a chance to have a think and get some photos!

So, for for the first part of February, the Opposites will be Big/Little

or Large/Small or Tall/Short. Any of those will do. You can post 2 pictures to show the opposites, or you can post a photo that has both in. If you come up with more than one set of opposites, you can post those, too!

This month I am going to try to go around and find something fresh instead of looking in my files folder! But you can use old photos if you like. However you want to do it will probably be fine! We all like looking at the other ideas and saying Oh yeah! I should have thought of that! and of course if you have something you have made which suits the theme, please show us. (I know at least one member who does big things with little bits!)

To make the label simple, it will just be big/little. So if you start typing it into the label box when you are writing your post, it will bring up all the prompts we have had so far starting with B. Choose big/little and you will be sorted!