Wednesday, 15 February 2012

February - what do you think of?

Time for the next Month prompt. What comes to mind when you think of February? Or what is different about February for you that others might find interesting?

You can just post a photo and let the image speak for itself. Or, you can tell a little story about why you chose a certain thing to stand for February.

For me, February has memories of courting! I came to England for a visit in the summer of 1981. I met my DH. When I returned, we wrote back and forth for about 5 years. Then the people I had first visited invited me again...playing cupid I think! At any rate, we were engaged on the 26th Feb, 1987. This year is 25 years!

Here is the unique sapphire engagement ring I was given.(well worn now!) Not even sure he knew I loved blue at that point. We had only ever spent about 15 weeks together all told, so all the getting to know what we were really like happened after we married!

So, what is February to you?

Please use the label February when you publish your post. The label box is just below where you compose your posts. When you start to type in February, the labels starting with F will pop up and you can select February!