Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Here are two of our cats: Hinemoa aged six weeks (she has just turned 3) but is still a very small cat.  She was the unexpected sixth kitten.

Now Nui, her older brother (now ten but this is one of my husband's photos and I think it was taken some months ago).

He is extremely large for a Siamese so it really is a contrast.  When I came to look for photos I found that  that I have almost none of them that show off their size and worst of all, none of them together.  At this time of the year they spend most of their days snuggled in their fleece igloos so it did not seem worth trying to get a new photo.  And if you are wondering about their names, our cats have always had Maori names as I am originally from New Zealand.  We have had: Tiki, Maui, Rua, (brother and sister), Nui and Iti, (Nui's sister but she died young) Hinemoa and her sister Pania.  There won't be any more because we are not getting any younger!