Saturday, 7 January 2012

Fragments of Time

Hi There,

I'm Guila in Southern California and this is my first post here.  Thanks for having me !  When I saw the prompt word I immediately thought of a haiku that I wrote and the little art quilt that I did to accompany it.
Specifically the aspect of time that I addressed is... Procrastination..

Why are we so cavalier with time - wasting so much of it?  Could be some  underlying fear of failure or for some - fear of success. Maybe we don't think  that we have the specific skill required or talent needed to complete the task  and that we will face ridicule. Maybe we're in conflict about the task at hand  and aren't even sure it's something that we want to do. Maybe we're overwhelmed  by other demands in our lives and can't give adequate attention to this newer  demand. Maybe we don't have a clear enough image of exactly what it is we want  to accomplish. Maybe the task is boring compared to some other activity that  could substitute.

I considered these ideas and wrote the following Haiku:

Fragments of Time

Demands, wants, needs, musts

I want to..........I don't want to

Relentless tick - tock

This haiku inspired an art quilt. I challenged myself to complete the design and basic construction in a specified period of time - 45 minutes. This would otherwise have been time spent playing a game on the computer. I also limited what I would use to a box full of previously fused scraps.
The completed piece is approximately 12 inches by 12 inches.  Disparate elements brought together to form a cohesive whole. It demonstrates how focus, definition and time limits overcame procrastination in one dedicated to that art.