Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Capturing Time

My name is Laura and I write to you today from a very chilly (27F) corner of South Carolina. I am new here, and have a photo and revelation to share with you.
Here is a photo I took of the clock tower in Bern, Switzerland. The apartment Einstein lived in while he wrote his paper on relativity (an important topic in our modern understanding of time) is a stone's throw away.
After taking this trip to Switzerland, I was thinking about time, and how there is seemingly no way to capture it as it passes us by, or as we travel (forwards only) through it. However, in looking at a knitting project I worked on while taking the train through Switzerland, I realized that artists, in the act of creating, capture a bit of time by embodying it in our craft. In my case, in each knit stitch I made while traversing the Swiss countryside, I preserved a second of that journey for perpetuity. In the case of the people who created this clock in the 1500's, their craft long outlived them. This will be a good motivator to me to create in this new year.
Thanks for sharing. =)