Sunday, 1 January 2012

Dimension - Time

Not sure if everyone would consider Time to be a Dimension, but I thought it would make a good prompt for starting the New Year. I am even posting it at 1 min past Midnight GMT so those of you who are on a later time could even catch the images from the telly!

It would be interesting if we could show work or photos of Time without resorting to a clock. On the other hand... there are probably some very interesting clocks out there!!!

Here are a couple fascinating Astrolabes I saw in a Museum. I love the shapes in them. I plan to do something with the ideas at some point!

Wikipedia says their many uses include locating and predicting the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, determining local time given local latitude and vice-versa, surveying, triangulation, and to cast horoscopes.

What can you find to represent time?

Please use Time for the label for your post.

Looking ahead: As I said in my recent email to members, I thought it would be fun to post images of things we connect with a certain month. So, you can be thinking ahead for January images to post when the new prompt comes up on the 15th January.

Looking ahead even further: I am coming up with a list of Opposites for the 1st of the month prompts starting in February. If you have any ideas for Opposites...let me know!