Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dimension - Space

The prompt for the first part of December is the Dimension Space. Another brain stretcher. But it doesn't have to be.

Any photos of the skies would probably do as a part of the atmosphere.

Or you could use work you have done about Space. something connecting with your favourite Sci-Fi story, film or show.

or you could think of Space as an empty place.

Here are photos about one of the mighty Cedars in our neighbourhood, (like I showed for wide). This one was just down the path from my house and I could see the top of it every morning out of the bathroom window.

I don't seem to have any actual photos of it in it's majesty, which grieves me. I have this poorly shot photo done in a snow storm at night with the street light causing all sorts of distortions, but then the next photo was taken a few days later after several of the huge limbs came down because of the weight of that snow.

They had to cut it all back. There is still a big awkward stump there, but a big hole in the hearts of those who live near it or played under it. You can no longer use it for directions to our street and so on. However, plans are being made by one of our community 'activists' to get it all carved into a sort of natural climbing frame cum clubhouse.

I will put some of my other Space photos in another post.

As usual, us Space for the label for your post.