Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Letter - W

And here we are with the Letter W. Since all of you have been out looking...(!) we should have a good response.

W shouldn't be as difficult for stretching the imagination.

Here are a few I found.

A white fish in the goldfish pond in front of a hospital where I had an appointment earlier in the year.

A Watch dog

And a whoosh.

Please use W for the label on your post.

Heads up for the next Dimension (sounds like a Telly programme!)

It will be Space and will start on the first of December. If you are worried about X coming up on the 15th December and how you will cope with the holidays. I have decided to finish with letters so on the 15th Dec, it will be X,Y, and Z! you have a head start! But the next 2 weeks are just W.