Saturday, 18 June 2011

R and Rectangles

We just got in from a 3,000+ mile road trip.  There were some rectangles and R's along the way.

These are some of the roofs I have seen.

Deland FL Courthouse Dome

Roof with my favorite rectangles.

This one is a bit older.

Rusty Roof - Double R's

Renovation Success

Japan Roof Detail

Rectangles and Roofs!

These are some of the rectangles I have found in my galavanting.

See what happens when an artist gets hold of rectangles?

Roof and Rectangles again.

Red tomatoes--fresh.

Home Depot Baskets

Hershey's Special Dark

My favorite rectangles

Jacksonville FL Skyline

Quilt blocks are made with rectangles.

Then, finally, there is the funniest "R" in the group.  The Recycled Rhicken.  )My cropping tool went on the fritz.)  I think he was made of recycled bumpers.