Sunday, 1 May 2011


Happy May Day!
The new shape prompt for the month of May is Hexagon or Octagon. or even pentagon and heptagon... any of the geometric shapes with more than 4 regular sides will do! I am trying to mix up the familiar with slightly less familiar. Everyone stepped up to the plate for star and crescent did well too. How is your knowledge of polygons?

Thanks for continuing to label the prompts properly. The label for this one will be Hexagon/Octagon, which you can see below the post. When you start to type in He... into the label, a box will pop up from which will allow you to select the right label without having to type in the whole thing.

And here are a couple versions/views of the heptagons I tend to see the most.
For the non-Brits. The first ones are 50p coins. Front, Traditional Back, and one of the newer versions of the back. The second row are 20p coins. Front, Traditional Back and the newer back.

They are using coins more and more to commemorate things or with symbols of the different countries that make up the United Kingdom. The new back of the 50p shown here is about Women's Vote and the new back of the 20p has part of the Royal Shield.
(For more info than you ever thought you would want to know...go here and scroll down to where it starts 2008 Designs and Commemorative Designs.) The major design feature in 2008 was the introduction of a reverse design shared across six coins (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p), that can be pieced together to form an image of the Royal Shield.