Monday, 31 January 2011

Why do I blog?

Hi, I'm Sarah, based in the UK and addicted to fabric and thread, hence my blog "A Fabric Addiction". In 2010 I took part in the Quilters Guild of GB "contemporary Quilt" challenge to produce a small quilt a month for a year. The little quilts were 18 x 25 cm, portrait, and 80 or so members each produced these quilts which we share with each other via a yahoo group. Seeing how well the Yahoo group worked I felt it would be interesting to share the making of these little gems on a blog. This is now my 13th month of blogging.
I know what fun it is to happen upon a blog and find out things you didn't realise before and have therefore tried to explain how I have done things, so pictures of the stages in creating a piece of work have been important to me. It has also been helpful in keeping in touch with others who are interested in similar things.
My theme last year was "Cogs", I was interested in the shapes and the fact that I had always avoided circles before! I managed to sustain 8 months on theme and was disappointed when my inspiration deserted me and left me having to produce 4 pieces on a different theme.
I've included a picture of a group of 3 of these little cog quilts to give you a flavour.
In 2011 I have again joined the Journal quilt challenge, the rules of which have changed so that we are working 10" square, from February to January and have to include a circle, circles in the 1st 4 then lettering in the next 4 and the last 4 must include a button/buttonhole - for me this last group will be the biggest challenge as I am hoping to theme this years gems around the images, colours and memories of a recent visit to Jordan.
I love this blog, so many different interpretations of each prompt and some very talented photogtaphers. I look forward to each new prompt to see what you all come up with!