Friday, 28 January 2011

Featured Blog

I am really enjoying the activity lately! I think inspiration is a lot like Russian dolls. You start investigating and then you discover more and more and more.

Since this month has 31 days, I thought we could do a few Featured Blogs. So, for the rest of the weekend through Monday, if you would like to tell us about your blog, please do so! I am opening up the weekend for Featuring your blog and the type of work you do or the things that fascinate you enough to blog about. If you haven't posted for a while, you are still welcome to tell us about your blog.

For instance, Jackie - BluMoon makes some amazing jewellery. Louisa Lawson is trying to reduce her stash. Julie blogs from her vantage point St. Ives in beautiful Cornwall (UK) and Sarah has been involved with the UK version of Journal quilts.

Well, I could go on and on, but it is your turn! So jump in there and tell us about what you do and why. How do you find your blogging to be helpful?
Show us what you are doing with the inspiration that seizes you!

Just label your post "Featured Blog". (at the bottom right under the area where you compose your posts. If you can do it, it will save me going in and editing the posts. It just helps people to pull up all the posts for each prompt together.)

The next Featured Blog time will be the end of March.

The new 'shape' prompt will be up on the 1st of February....and since February is short, I will probably do the next letter prompt (N) on the 14th February.