Monday, 7 June 2010


When reading Sandy's post on what colour would be the next subject I immediately knew what to use as the inspiration. I spent several hours each week for more than 10 years standing/sitting in the public gallery of our then local swimming pool watching my children learning to swim and saw them get their badges right from the first 5 m one to the finishing badge of 2000 m. The pool was tiled with turquoise tiles and through the seasons the light reflected in the pool changed from large strip lights to bright sunshine coming in through the windows high up under the ceiling. The constant changing reflections were mesmerizing and the brightly coloured swim suits of the children looked like flower petals and made the whole scene a pleasant escape from the outside world.
Not having small children anymore nor having a swimming pool close-by my idea this time is even more artificial than the swimming pool as it is made from scratch in GIMP starting with a bucket fill turquoise background then adding to that using paths and effects.
Turquoise swimming pool
I have problems now and again posting to the blog and also commenting on other entries so I want to take this opportunity to say that although I may not comment on your posts I love seeing everything posted to the blog and am very grateful for all the ideas you share.