Tuesday, 30 March 2010

C is for Conversation

I am cheating a bit as I am posting a photo of a piece I made in 2003 but I wanted to share the inspiration for this piece which fits in so nicely with the C challenge for this month.
In 2003 I made a long train journey, I love to travel by train, but my way back from the visit to my daughter was not exactly what I had expected. I was seated in an open carriage together with around 40 other passengers when not yet out of the station a woman took out her mobile phone and started a conversation which lasted more than 2 hours and was conducted in a very loud voice. Nobody in the whole carriage was in any doubt about her opinions! As sleeping was not on option (I was rather tired) and after spending the first half hour being really annoyed I decided to make the most of it and started jotting down what I thought the woman on the other end of the conversation would be saying (when she happened to get a chance to have some in-put or tried to answer a question which the woman on the train invariably answer herself). In fact the journey seemed quite short in end as my brain had entered into the whole design idea. I used yellow and purple fabrics to achieve high contrast and the quilting consists of my version of the "other side" of the conversation. The wall hanging is now situated on the wall where the stairs lead up to our attic guest bedroom. It has led to several more conversations in the time it has been hanging there and I have great fun watching guest trying to be contortionists when they realise there is text on the hanging and they want to find out what it is all about!