Tuesday, 18 August 2009

#3 monotone study

Having decided to neutralise my sitting room colours and make it a more peaceful place I now have a perfectly soft warm grey and linen space to hang my art work. Some of that will be new panels worked in monotone colours and I like the idea of the challenge along similar lines. It will be a new adventure for me as I've not tried anything apart from photography in monotone. Some other methods are cyanotype and mono-prints, as well as working in pencil or pen.

I wonder if you can rise to the challenge and do a piece in monotone, any subject or technique, just one colour with it's range of tones, eg black through greys to white, or black through blues to white. You can have different shades of the colour too as long as they don't start to look like they're introducing a totally different colour.

Any ideas for your piece yet?