Tuesday, 18 August 2009

baby blue

One of my key distortions of memory has always been my passionate aggravation at seeing my very very favouritest coat that had disappeared being worn by my cousin who lived up the road. I wanted to tear it off her and was enraged that anyone else should dare to wear it except me. I was however only 7 maybe at the time. I had supposedly grown out of it and unbeknown to me it had been "passed on", a phrase of ritual which can leave people quite distraught what ever it's context.

This coat was of thick fur in the most wonderful baby blue with a satiny pale blue lining. Most importantly it had three huge big pearly blue buttons down the front. I'd never seen anything like them. They were in fact treasure and best of all... they were mine! I had never felt possessive about things apart from the bright green silk lined dress my mum had made for me and of course the small green parrot that I saw in the zoo when I was 2, so you see this is a very important thing. I swore that someday I would have another coat just like it with those very same buttons, big and blue and pearly down the centre... three of them nestling into blue fur. Some day I WILL have my coat, but it's a damn nuisance... I can't find those buttons anywhere. 2" wide in diameter they must have been at least, if not 2.5. I've looked and looked, every city I go to, every ebay store that could be hiding them away just waiting for me, but no! for some strange reason all I can find are piddly little ones less than an inch across, hmmmm...

a piece drawn in photoshop from memory as I really can't find those buttons to photograph!!!