Friday, 2 August 2013

Put together

Complimentary Colours, all images put together from objects inside of my home, as my garden is in the middle of winter, so no colour, other than greens.....though nice, no complimentary colours to be found. 

My blue and orange picture is of, a wonderful blue crystalline bowl, contained within is a Tangerine, and a magnificent Black Cockatoo's feather, of a stunning orange & black.

This may seem an odd combination, Red Swan chair with Green Parsley, picked fresh from my veggie garden. 

Bright Yellow Jonquil, just popped out at the bottom of the garden, on the only purple thing I could find in the house, my winter coat.

I had to add this bright little fellow, sporting some complimentary colours.
A project that really had me thinking, I enjoyed finding these colours and putting them together on this gray, cold rainy day.