Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Studio.

My studio is located at West Sixth Brewery, a micro brewery in Lexington, KY. the building was the former Rainbow Bread factory and has 90,000 sq. feet. The artists' area was once office space and contains a large gallery area where we can display our work and give classes or have meetings. The building contains the brewery and a tap room, Broke Spoke Bike Club (bike polo courts are located in a park nearby), Food Chain where fish and greens are being raised, a coffee roaster, Roller Girls of Central KY practice rink, and soon to be added a climbing wall, and a restaurant. Other venues will be added as the space develops. Right now my space is something of a mess. LOL!

A view of the other side of my studio and things I'm working on.
 This is the side that looks out into the warehouse space where the Roller Girls practice and where the climbing wall be constructed. I'll be able to watch the climbers!

This my growler from West Sixth Brewery that can be refilled with one of their craft beers. I only have it refilled when we have company because it's too much for my husband and I to drink in an evening and beer does not keep well. The brewery has 2 beers that it cans so were keep some of those around.