Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ohio River bridge

These pictures were taken several years ago before I moved to Lexington, KY. You can tell by the trees and plants that they were taken in late spring or early summer. I've been out of town for several weeks so I'm late posting so I selected these pictures. I love the significance and structures of bridges! There are 2 bridges crossing the Ohio River at Ashland, KY where I used to live. The green bridge crosses the Ohio River from the Ohio side into Ky and the blue bridge crosses the Ohio River from KY into Ohio. If you turn right when you cross the bridge, it takes you to WVa. Otherwise you are in Ohio. I think the bridge is green because it's Marshall University color. Marshall is located in Huntington, WVa. I don't know if that's the real reason or not. The blue bridge represents UK's color.
 I was testing to see if my camera could take a picture from a moving car and I thought it worked very well.
 As you can see, the bridge is quite tall.  The blue bridge is on the left and is the newer of the 2 bridges and not as tall.
Another view of the blue bridge through the car window.