Friday, 1 March 2013

Something different - a fiddle!

I live in a small town that every June hosts the National Old Time Fiddlers Contest.  Large plywood fiddles are hung from the light poles in town, until 2010 they were painted brown and black. The organizing committee held a fiddle decorating contest, I entered and won!

The fiddle in it's original state.

AOL and various other internet providers used to send out cd's to entice you to use them. I had saved all those cd's, I just knew they would be useful someday. The first thing I did was paint all but the neck of the fiddle white. Then I heated the cd's with a heat gun so that I could cut them without shattering them, then glued them to the neck. Other whole cd's were glued in place around the body.

I also have a large button collection. I got out all the bright colored buttons and divided them by color into a color wheel. Working from one side around to the other I arranged and glued the buttons in color order. It didn't quite give the impact I had hoped so I got out my paints and painted dots of corresponding colors around all the buttons.

The center of each cd got a button also. In the center section a glued clear glass half marble shapes. The entire piece was then coated with a clear varnish to protect it from the weather.
Here I am with the finished fiddle.
Every June I get to drive around town to find where my fiddle has been placed, usually it's near the High School where the contest actually takes place.