Friday, 8 February 2013

well it had to be...


Some who know me realise Dragons can sometimes take over my life. I love going in the children's section of the library to read the latest Dragons stories! I even got Jackie Morris to sign my copy of her children's book 'Tell Me a Dragon'.

I did a series of small works for about 2 years full of dragons and they all had a story.
Here are some of my favourites.
Ancient and Wise Dragon - keeper of memories

Copper Dragon - she plays with the dolphins

Dragon Claw - with scale charm for summoning the aid of a dragon friend

And this love of dragons extends to fire creatures

Fire Wolf - Companion to the Dragon lords

Lava Dog Retriever - this is a pup. They are trained to collect the packages dropped by young dragons in the Lava fields whilst learning search and rescue

Firestorm Feline - Actually, I haven't quite worked the story out for this one, but did enjoy doing it!

So there you are, now you have an idea of what goes on in my head. :-)