Thursday, 10 January 2013

END OF 2012

 I didn't do much in the last week of 2012 except make a Fancy Dress costume for a friend of mine who was working New Year's Eve in one of the local Hotels.  There has always been a long tradition  here in Weymouth for dressing up to celebrate New Year's Eve, and when we were a lot younger my husband and I used to meet up with our friends and enjoy a great night out dressed as our Alter Egos.  Nowadays we leave it to the young people and stay at home to watch the celebrations on the Television.  I thought the Fireworks Display in London was magnificent and something to be proud of.  I haven't seen my friend since but am hoping someone took a photograph of her so that I can see what she looked like.  I used to have a Costume Hire shop in another life, and used to make most of the Costumes myself.  I have made everything from Clown suits to King Henry VIII and must admit that I rather enjoyed the process again.  So much so that I intend to make up some of the vast amount of fabrics I still  have lurking in the cupboards.  This is going to be my year for de-cluttering so this seems to be a creative way to start.
Happy New Year everyone.
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