Saturday, 1 December 2012

Opposites: Useless/Useful

The new Opposite prompt for December is Useless/Useful. This prompt will continue until the 15th of December.

While you are going about your holiday preparation time, you probably will find some things that are Really Useful and some that are Just Useless. So, take a photo and put it up here.
Maybe you will show us something we could put on our own wish list so we could also have something as useful as you have!

Here are some photos from my files.
Useless - found on the path.(I joined the two up...the top photo was taken after following the trail of the tape along the path!)

Useful - borrowed from the library.
These are useful in my
I have discovered that if I play an audio book while I am working, I am more likely to stick to the job and not wander off and do random things like dust or another load of clothes or whatever!

When you post, please use the label Useless/Useful

You could also be thinking ahead to the 15th for showing us what things you find to say December for you.