Monday, 17 December 2012

Obsolete technology

My nomination for useless / useful things is this type case, full of type.  It dates from the olden days of printing technology, when printers had to go into their drawers to find individual letters to compose whatever text they wanted to reproduce.  Today, of course, "type" is no longer physical but digital, so who needs it, or the drawers it used to be kept in.

But in my house a type case is useful.  Hey, it holds my type!!

For many years I have been collecting as much old wood and metal type as I can find.  I'm just sorry I started a bit too late, after the time when whole printshops of type were consigned to landfills or melted down.  Much of my type was inherited from my father, who used to own a weekly newspaper (where type was set by hand or by Linotype -- also obsolete).  I still use my type to print, but not in the old-fashioned way (on a press).  Instead, when I use it I paint each letter with a brush, then flip it over and print onto the fabric or paper.