Thursday, 1 November 2012

Opposite: Silly/Serious

November. Time for a new prompt.

The new Opposite prompt for this month is Silly/Serious.

Perhaps a chance for bit of lightheartedness? You could even catch someone in different moods. What other possiblities are there?

Here is one of my son+friend some years back - he's the silly one.

and another one of this year when he graduated.

Actually, the lady speaking with him could be an example of silly/serious. We were surprised to discover her in this serious role. She is one of the Pro-Chancellors of the University. Penelope Keith is also well known for her comedy sitcom roles. She was very good in this role, putting graduates at ease and asking questions about their course of study.

Looking forward to seeing what you find. When you post, please use the label Silly/Serious. This prompt will continue until the 15th of November.