Saturday, 1 September 2012

Opposite: Soft / Hard

I am hoping this prompt will be easier for those of you having a hard time getting ideas for posting.

The new prompt for September is the Opposite: Soft/Hard.

It should be easy to go find something in your house or when you are out and about that is Soft. Equally easy to find something that is Hard.

and then, just upload it to the blog as a post! Simples.

Use the label Soft/Hard when you post. Labels are set by selecting label in the sidebar next to the box where you compose your post. You will see a selection of the prompts available. Just scroll down and find Soft/Hard and click on it! Then select Done.

Here is a flower that fascinates me. Celosia or Cockscomb
There is a softness and a hardness to it at the same time.
I had some in a flower arrangement that came to me last weekend. I am enjoying the puzzlement.

When you get fascinated with something, it often becomes something that inspires you. For instance, eventually I might try to find a way to show the contrasts of this flower in my work. Maybe not by depicting the flower, but thinking through ways to introduce texture into a piece. by hand? by machine which one and how?

What do you have around you that is soft or hard or both. Does it inspire you to consider it? Do you just enjoy it as it is?

I do hope we get more people joining in this time.