Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Opposites: Famous/Unknown

Here in the UK we are in the midst of the London Olympics. But as you might realise if you have lived near the Olympics in other countries, many of the events aren’t actually held in the host city. For instance, rowing is at Dorney Lake which is near the area where I live, and some of the football/soccer will be in cities up and down the country.

So, I got thinking of people who will be glued to the telly to watch favourite and famous sportsmen and women. While there are also those who will be very upset to miss what they would rather watch. Favourite actor/actress, chef, presenter, politician or even DIY star, crafter or fashionista!

So, the Opposite prompt for this month will be about famous/unknown. Have you something to post about someone Famous or Well Known? It can be someone known in the world or your country, or someone who is Famous in your area of interest. The famous person does not have to be living now.

Okay, you might think, “That is going to be hard.” Some ideas...

For example, here is a photo of the statue of Abraham Lincoln which is in London. I would guess everyone knows of him and why he is famous.

and then the contrast is someone Unknown – but who you feel others should know about. Maybe you could just say why. For instance, your child’s teacher because finally your child is achieving or believes they can do it.

Another example is a wonderful quilter I know - Jenny Bowker. Alot of people know her in the quilting world, but I feel more people should know her a bit more.
Jenny lived in Egypt due to her husband's job as Ambassador. If you met her yourself, you would never know. She is not pushy or full of herself! Now that she is back in her home country of Australia, she has used her influence in the quilt world to help gain recognition and support for Egyptian families whose trade is Tentmakers. The men produce wonderful hand appliqued hangings, but it is out of fashion and they struggle to make ends meet. Jenny has made it possible for their work to be seen in quilt shows in Australia, England, and soon America. Now the whole street can lift their heads with pride knowing their work is valued and they can use their skills to support their families.

Who can you think of?
To make it a bit easier - -

If you haven’t got a photo of the person, you could post a photo or a piece of work that makes you think of them. Maybe you made a piece of art while watching them or after reading about them. Or you made something inspired by them or what they stand for. Or you have a souvenir or a gift that you connect with them.

We had a long time for the Summer prompt, let’s see what we can do with this fairly challenging one! Don’t despair though. On the 15th, you can post about August! LOL

The label for the prompt is famous/unknown.