Tuesday, 24 July 2012


As we have not had any summer until two days ago I could not think what to post.  Now summer has arrived at the same moment as all the tourists so I am posting photos from the archives.  Finding somewhere to park is impossible at these places during the school holidays so we tend to stay at home.

This is a perfect day at tide out in St Ives.  Behind the yacht you can just about make out Godrevy lighthouse which was Virginia Woolf's inspiration for ' To the Lighthouse'.  No-one know why she moved the setting of the novel to Skye in Scotland but her family always spent their summers in St Ives.

This is on the other side of the peninsula at Marazion, the beach opposite St Michaels Mount.  The Mount is just out of the picture on the right.

And finally a photo of agapanthus which is a real sign of high summer down here.  This was taken on Sunday at Copperhouse Pool, Hayle, about eight miles from here.