Sunday, 22 July 2012

ADMIN: Thanks for the feedback

Thanks so much everyone for the comments and feedback. For the most part, everyone wants to carry on. That is fine with me!

There were some with difficulties in posting. Also learning and finding the new prompt. I have added a widget at the side which is meant to make it so you can sign up to a feed reader and get emails. I have not tried this out, but if it works, it might solve some of the issues. Can you let me know if you try it and it helps?

I have also added a section across the top which states the current prompt with a link to the post where it was set. There are details of when it finishes and which label to use. If I can't resolve the other issues mentioned, I will check with the members to see if anyone knows and can post a tutorial of how to get around it. 

Inspirational? The question was raised as to whether anyone was using this blog for inspiration. But I have heard from others who said, 'Yes. They do find it inspirational.

Hard/Easy Another interesting thing about the comments was that some felt the prompts were too hard. Some felt they were too easy! So that rather makes me feel it is about right. Don't you think?

In fact, that is why I try to do one that is a bit more challenging and one that is not so much. So, for now, I will stick with the current schedule.

Prompt Schedule:
For the first 2 weeks of the month the prompt I set will be an oppostite. You won't have a clue before it gets posted on the 1st of the month.

On the 15th of the month the new prompt will be to post something about that month. That gives you 2 weeks into the month to think about it in advance! I am sure you have photos lurking that you could pull out for that or, just go out and take a photo of what is happening for that month where you are. Could be your back garden, neighbourhood, family celebration, whatever.

If you find posting 2x a month too much, just stick with the one. If over 50 of you post even once a month it will be more than it has been. Right? Smiley

Thanks so much for those who have come on here in the meantime and posted more images about summer. The Summer prompt will continue until the 1st of August. You are welcome to post more than once if you think of something else you think will work.

Now hopefully things will move along and get more interesting. Here is an obligatory photo to make up for all the verbiage above!

Picture me calmly carrying on, but continuing the paddling that makes this blog stay afloat inspiring!