Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ornate/Simple - and some Admin

The new prompt for April is Ornate/Simple or More/Less, or anything along those lines.

This should be interesting. I think we are often drawn to ornate architecture and other forms of craftmanship because we recognise the work which went into it. But simple...is that so easy to catch the eye?

You can post images of a combination of Ornate/Simple or two photos with an example of each. If you discover quite a few examples you are welcome to post several times. I am looking forward to seeing what you discover.

These photos are of a Victorian Gothic church in Leeds. My Sister-in-Law is the Vicar. I love the difference between the Doorway and the functional little door.

I will set the label to Ornate/Simple.

You may have noticed that Blogger has begun it's changes. So the place for finding and selecting the labels is to the right of the box where you compose the post. When you click on it, it will open up and you can select the appropriate label from the list. You have to click on Done for it to be applied.

When you have completed your post, the button for Publish is at the top of the screen next to the box for the title of your post. (There are also buttons to save, to preview, and to close the post.) If you find you are having difficulties, please let me know and I will try to help.

By the way, if you select Save, rather than Publish, Blogger will save your post in draft form...it will only be published if you go back and find it and select publish from there. To get to the list with draft posts, select new post at the top bar on the actual blog. It will give you a new compose box. But if you select Close at the top, it will go to the page with all the posts listed. You can find your saved draft posts there and edit them if need be or just publish them. You can also access posts which you forgot to label and edit them to be assigned a label. (This is where I go to edit labels as Admin if someone forgets to label a post, or if they have added extra labels beyond the assigned one for that particular prompt.)