Friday, 2 March 2012

ADMIN:Pinterest- please read.

I am not sure if you are aware of the current debate about Pinterest, a social networking site where people can 'pin' photos of images they like to a bulletin board of inspiration. There is a lot of concern about copyright.

In theory, with Pinterest, the atribution of an artist's work is meant to remain with the photo, but apparently can be lost as it is passed on. I have only recently been made aware of the idea and know nothing of all the ins and outs. However, I have taken the decision to make this Ideas of Inspiration blog 'unpinnable'.

I realise that the purpose of this blog is actually to inspire. But I have discovered that even if photos pinned do continue to be attributed properly as they are passed on, the pinned photo actually retains the information of the blog from which it is taken. So, if they pin from this blog, your photo does not have your name attached to it, but has Ideas of Inspiration on the label.

As far as I can tell with a search, a few photo have been pinned from this blog. For the most part it has been photographs posted for the themes. A few of these, however, were photos of member's actual work. I have not been able to work out how to comment on the 'pinners' page. It looks like you have to belong to pin. One has attributed to the actual maker and one does not. I do not know how to follow this up myself, but if I can discover a way, I will let you know.
EDIT:(I have tried to search again so I can let the indiviuals know. But Pinterest pages don't seem to be showing. Maybe they are making changes themselves.)

In my mind, it is up to an individual if they want to choose one way or another for their personal blog, but in this case I feel it would be better to protect the whole group. I have inserted the code which has been created to stop pinning. I understand that now, when someone tries to pin, a message will come up to say that pinning is not allowed here. It does not help with the photos which have already been pinned.

Sandy Snowden
Blog Administrator