Monday, 6 February 2012

Big/Little: Passion and Quilt
It happened when I first read the Big/Little Ideas of Inspiration prompt for this time period (Feb 1-15, 2012), that I also received an email that included the words BIG and small....

Letters - Words - Sentences- Paragraphs - Books, etc. - IDEAS

The words really made me stop and reflect so I wanted to share them with you-all.....

The photo I took though, shows the little pieces that I'm using to create a bigger piece - a quilt.

Pretty much all quilts start with small pieces and then grow to big during the sewing part of the project.  Some quilters pride themselves in working with pieces of fabric that are the size of a postage stamp to create their bed sized quilts!

The style of quilt that I like to make is called 'liberated' for various reasons.  

  • Scraps and assortment of fabric okay.
  • Adapt and change traditional blocks.
  • Usually there is something in the block that is cut at an angle - but then the individual blocks line up.
  • There are one or two colors that tie the project together - sometimes it takes awhile to be able to articulate what ties it together but it is there.
  • Always looking back to the traditional and working to wonkify the block.
  • No rigid pattern.
  • Irregular sizes and shapes.