Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Passage of Time

My niece will marry this August. She wants to have photos of her grandparents on their wedding day at her wedding and asked me because I am the keeper of most of the photo books. She was blown away when I told her I also had my mother's wedding dress and some bits of lace left from the making of it. Perhaps this will be something old.

When preparing the items for the mail, it gave me pause. It was as though I held something sacred in my hands. My parents married in 1938 which makes both the photo and the lace 72 years old. That's old by today's disposable mentality. I share pictures of both with you here.  The lace is in amazing condition having survived the passage of time quite well.

While it might be odd to share this old but personal photo here, the passage of time makes that possible. The original image was a tiny 2 x 3 inches. I scanned it at a high resolution to grab the details. Obviously this concept was not possible back in the day. 

The passage of time has served my family well.  Quality and technology, you are not such distant cousins!