Friday, 16 December 2011

Letters - X,Y,Z

Oops! Yesterday I knew it was the 15th and suddenly it is already the end of the 16th!

Anyway. As I said last month, we will finish up the alphabet this month. To make it easy at a busy time, I have put XYZ for the prompt. You don't need to do all three. You can do one or two or more than 1 of one of the letters. Whatever!

But do post...please?
Thanks for those who are still hanging in there!

so I dug around in the photo files, stretched my imagination and found one for each of the 3 letters just to be an encouragement to you that you CAN find something to post!

X - or near enough. xtinguished
Played with this in Photoshop at the college sometime ago.

Y - last year's yellow rose in December. It is a bit late at night to go photographing them tonight.

Z - a piece I did some time ago using lots of zips. Sorry about the photo quality. The camera I have now is a lot nicer. Or maybe I have learned more about taking photos?

Can't wait to see yours! Please use XYZ for the prompt.