Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dimension -

A new dimension for the prompt for this month.
Hope you take it as a challenge rather than saying, "Oh that will be too hard!" And your own interpretation of depth will be great. Don't fret if someone else might think it isn't right.

And so...for depth...

underground bunker used in WWII

As usual practice, use depth to label your post.

Hang in there everyone, we are nearly through this year. If you haven't posted for a while, I would like to challenge you to get out there and start snapping random photos or go dig around in your stash of 'I made this earlier' objects and post a photo of something that will inspire the rest of us!

So you know W is coming next; see what you can find for it. Duplicates of what someone else has posted are fine! I am sure it won't be the same look or angle, even if it is the exact same thing!