Friday, 19 August 2011

T Party

Several years ago when I was working on quilts for each letter of the alphabet, I made a piece from tiny scraps sewed into two-inch squares.  I arranged the little monochromatic squares into a big letter T, named the piece Green T, and loved it.

That quilt had relatively low contrast between the T and the background, so I decided to make another quilt with high contrast -- Black T.

I was having so much fun that I made a third quilt, this time with both T and background in color --                 Orange Pekoe T.

Finally I made a fourth quilt -- Earl Grey T, which I think is my favorite.

They have been exhibited separately under their individual names, but when they're all together I call the series T Party.  Note I had this name long before the politicians seized upon it, and I'm not giving it up.  Too bad you can't copyright a title, else I could sue them.