Saturday, 2 April 2011


Not April Fools or anything, I just forgot to post yesterday! Oh well.

The shape prompt for April is Triangles. This can be equilateral or isoseles or any other type if you know of one! Also, you can take this further into 3D and include prisms, pyramids and tetrahedrons! All very complicated, but I looked it up on Google.

So here is a 3D work I made last year with triangles. The theme of the challenge was Meeting Point.
I called mine 'Points on a Journey', as it is about the journey and meeting places and stops along the way.

I meet with a small art group called EquilARTeral, since there are 3 of us - from 3 different countries and working in 3 completely different ways. We decided to do a challenge with triangles. We all decided we DO NOT LIKE working with Equilateral triangles. They rather force you to work in a specific way and take too much mathswork to get right! Maybe if we weren't trying to do 3D as well?

You can see my friend's little box made of triangles in the background.

As I have said before, Please use only the prompt as your label. Don't add your name or description of your photo. To make it easy, when you start typing the prompt into the labels box, it should have a little list of 't' labels come up, you can just select triangle from there.

I want to keep the list with links to the labels straightforward so that people can go straight to the posts connected to a certain prompt. Thanks.