Friday, 15 April 2011

Letter - P

I love the thinking outside the box triangles. and thank you for putting the correct label. It was alot less work for me this time.

The new prompt for the rest of April is the letter P. Please use P for the label for your posts. Thanks!

You might get some inspiration with some of the posts under the colour Hot Pink!

But for now here is a Pansy

and a strange attempt at a piece strange Pumpkin Pie that I did for the Distortion of Memory prompt Helen set near the beginning of this blog group.

It is a bit of foam painted to be a Pumpkin with Pepper Pie
Why? Here is the story.

The memory I settled on is about Thanksgiving when all of the children of the families ate in my Grandma's kitchen while the adults were eating in the dining room. When it got to the dessert/pudding, we had pumpkin pie (of course!). But I guess we thought this particular pie tasted funny, so, our cousin convinced us to put pepper on it to make it taste better. So, we got in trouble because we ruined the pie. Years later, I mentioned this to my cousin when I caught up with him again by email. He swears he had nothing to do with it, and that we had put salt on the pie instead of pepper!